Thursday, September 29, 2011

Meeting Zelda

 Mr. Red Saltbox is one of these people who enjoys yard sales. He actually got me into it and not the other way around. There is something hilarious about a man who is almost feverish with glee because he got a hammer for a quarter.
 Last year he found probably the single most fantastic yard sale of all time. He came home with his truck loaded, tin coffee pots clambering to make room for the oil lanterns. Pottery precariously piled to the roof,  home spun curtains spilling out the windows.

 When he gave me "The Reveal" it was like a magician act pulling out the hankie that extends to south east asia from his pocket.
 The "yard sale lady" took a liking to him and invited him to come back with me for a "private showing." (insert wink here)

 That's when I met Zelda. She and I had met before at a very popular overpriced country store in my area that is now closed. ( Did I mention it was overpriced?) I wanted her for myself then, but not enough to pay the near 80.00 price tag.
 Imagine my delight when "yard sale lady" opened her trunk and tossed her and several hundred collectable Raggedy Ann dolls on her bed. It took a bit of coaxing..okay prying of the hands open and maybe there were a few kicks in the shin involved to get her to give it up. After the shake down  negotiation transpired Zelda and I rode home on her broom.

^^^she's like a member of the family. She has been known to take a seat at the dining room table on holidays in place of relatives we are not speaking too. 

A little of this...

and a little of that...
stay tuned my pretties...I see more photos of my halloween escapes in your future... **cackling*


  1. Love your decor Lisa!! Zelda is way too cool!!

  2. Your home is beautiful! Just my style!!!!!!! And Zelda is awesome - what a wonderful find!!! Glad you didn't have to pay $80.00 for her!

  3. wow.. how cool is that.. Hooray Zelda has a new home.

    Loving your blog!!!!

  4. Love Zelda and her story, especially the part about the dining room table and her taking the place of uninvited relatives-lol! Love your home Lisa, so beautiful!