Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Snips of Halloween

  Halloween is my favorite decorating season as evidenced by the massive about of boxes (unlabeled) in my basement. <<< refer to "when I get to it" reference in my first post.

 I forget what I have since I have so much. Just when I think I have finished more boxes appear. 
 I think they multiply under my stairs. The downfall is the season is too short. I feel like I just get done displaying the goblins and then back they go into the dungeon to make way for Christmas.

 They seem to know this and cry out for more face time...
After all who wants to live in a box in the basement 11 months out of the year?

I swear come September 1st I start to hear scratching coming from those boxes...

My favorite spot in my kitchen is this bay window area where I set my fabulous "electric" fireplace! Love the click on click thing it's got going on.

I also love looking at my table all dressed for fall in her perfectly fitted Mum dress and bowl of orange pods. 

This little guy almost got away...

This is just a sneak peek. Lot's more ghoulish photos to come.


  1. Looking forward to following your blog! I just love your red saltbox home! You have some wonderful Halloween displays too!

  2. Oh Lisa, your house is beginning to come together nicely for Halloween! Love that Cheshire Cat!

  3. Lisa~ wonderful halloween decorations~ Your table is prim pretty~

  4. Love your Halloween stuff, Lisa! Mine is still in the boxes downstairs - gotta get moving this weekend!!!!! TFS!

  5. How fun is this!!!
    love your decorations!