Tuesday, September 27, 2011

We are New Englanders after all...

 Living in New England requires one to tolerate the bi polar nature of - nature.

We have just come off of our high highs... 90 degree temps - summer in New England is a long coastline of beaches and only 20 minutes from the ocean where I 'm at. We bask in the sun and surf, dig our toes in the sand and enjoy this brief glimpse into what could be if we lived in the south. Just when you think you've about had enough... you have.

Summer is over and we are leveling out with my most favorite time of the year - Fall.
  People from other parts of the country actually travel here to see the turning leaves, feel the crisp chill in the air and sip some local cider.
  We are New Englanders after all and fall is ours to claim in all it's glory. We have the true red, gold and orange leaves bright and blazen reaching their peak before they actually hit the ground. Bittersweet berries grow rampant and are a popular choice for baskets and wreaths. Our weekends are an endless race to each local farm for corn mazes, pumpkin patches, apple picking and hayrides.
 We value our falls. Ask any New Englander. It's one of the reasons they stay here.  A relief from the hot hazy days and a bright spot to cherish as nature knows we need easing into the long winter that lies ahead.

I want  a "garden" shed perfectly designed and country primitive. Brimming with the bounty of nature.
The reality is the toys are as much a part of my landscape as the grass is. 


  1. Your home is beautiful Lisa, so glad you started a blog!!

  2. Thank you for the blog visit and your nice comments!
    I appeciate it!

  3. wow pretty!

    I wish I could decorate like that and really though I can't stand the cold.. I don't like my arkansas winters at all and want to move further south. I dont like the ice here a little snow is ok but when it shuts down the city. .forget about it!