Monday, October 10, 2011

I'm Going In...

A glimpse into the world of a Mom with a teen!!!!

The room of a teenager is no place for a wussy...

It's the entrance to the "Twilight Zone" ** do you have that music stuck in your head now?**
Whenever I am about to enter I am never unarmed.
I'm usually humming the theme song from "Jaws"as I fire a round of febreze at my targets. (I've had lots of target practice)
                                          ^^^^^ and this is the CLEAN laundry!!!!!!!!!!

So just what exactly does she do in here? She only comes out to eat????
Tumblr a/k/a teenagers version of blogger.
She watches educational TV....

She cleans her room^^^^^
And does homework????

                                     ^^^^^Lives on coffee, cell phones and computers... having everything within arms reach know... getting up is an issue...

Not embarrassed to wear unmatched socks... unzipped backpack randomly thrown on the floor is pretty much the rule rather than the exception. Why actually place it somewhere like the closet????

I always tell her when she grows up and has a house of her own, her Dad and I are coming over and randomly throwing our socks and laundry on the floor, leaving water bottles and coffee cups scattered about  her house and will pile up our clean laundry in a basket. We will leave it unattended for so long, not only will we not remember if it is clean or dirty but it will actually begin to smell again. 

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  1. I am not looking forward to these teen-age years....especially my son! Actually, it is going to freak me out when he starts to have body odor!at the worst, sometimes he smells like a little minnow after a hard day outside playing...and what is up with that smell!?! THANK YOU GOD for FeBREEZE, huh?!