Saturday, December 14, 2013

It's Beginning To Look Alot Like Christmas...

"My Red Saltbox"

Well "hello" to everyone! It's been awhile since I have updated this blog.
 ***hanging head in shame***

Good intentions and all but my scrapbooking life and that other BLOG and ETSY shop of mine keep getting in the way!

Enough on that. Let's take a peek at some of my Christmas decorating for 2013. I have lots more photos to share over the next few days but we will start with these...K?


Come on in...

It's been out with the old and in with the new here at MRS.  The skates on my front door were ones I had used indoors for a few years. This year I picked up a fresh wreath and moved the skates outside. Same with the "Quaker Oats" box. I've had that box for about 18 years. I purchased it in Vermont that many years ago. This year it decided it needed to be outside with pine and berries tucked inside it!

This is a peek at the inside of the front door. The box is filled with fresh greens and little prim snowman.

My dining room table... I filled a bowl with fresh fruit and greens. Lucky for me I live in the woods and just need to go outside with my trusty pruning clippers to get my greens. 

I used an antique sifter over my mantle with a fresh pineapple and greens. I do have some artificial red sprays mixed in along with that artificial wreath on my table.

My real fireplace is in my dining room. I will post more photos in a day or so. In my family room I just have a small electric fireplace. I've got my favorite swan a little green garland. Another antique box on the floor with fresh cut greens. This room also holds my large tree which I post photos of soon. You will have to keep visiting me to see it! ;)

Over the years I have scaled my style down and back on my Christmas Decor. I'm liking a more primitive simple look with fresh greens and natural elements. Here is a wooden bowl in my kitchen.

This is a silver collection I have in my dining room. Just some candied berries tucked in a coffee pot.

A peek at my pewter collection. More of the same type of berries tucked in.

Downstairs in our "media room" is where I keep my small primitive tree. This one is filled with snowmen and my kids treasured handmade ornaments.

Mr. Snowman hiding out under the tree.

A glimpse at my kitchen table. A pewter bowl with pomegranates, a wreath and some berry candle wraps.

Ok peeps! That's it for today. I'll get some more photos edited to share soon. 

Happy Holidays!


  1. Love your primitive style Lisa! Awesome! I especially love the pewter décor! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Country beautiful at its finest!!! Love!!

  3. Lisa I am so into that Colonial, Country Charn look. Your home is so beautiful!!! I love it!