Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Xmas Photos 2011

In no particular order as is my life...

I love my carolers. I don't have it set up in this photo but I used battery operated candles and placed them on the stairs with the carolers. Looks pretty. :)

Table with a winter centerpiece getting ready for the big day....


Inside front door

I love them...


My tree in  the family room has glass ornaments. I try to collect a few new ones each year. Someday I hope to have every bit of space taken up with an ornament!

This is my snowman tree in my sitting room. I like to get one or two new snow peeps a year to add to the collection!
A tradition in my home is gingerbread houses or men. More on the making of these to come. My girls do them every year.
Cookie baking... more to come on this as well. ;)

Christmas table all set and ready to roll!

I think Santas stocking stuffer "Mr. Sock Monkey" was this years favorite!
The aftermath...

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  1. I love how old world this is.. love all the decorations.